Before success, there are often failures.
But that was before!

Marketing strategy

One of the success keys is preparation!

Whatever your activity or the size of your company, the implementation of the real marketing strategy is necessary for the development of the turnover.

Keep the course throughout the adventure of the company and the sustainability of the structure is assured.
ARTUS Strategies’ mission is simple: Support you in your objectives and to advise you in your choices to win in commercial efficiency!
Keeping a course, this may need time and human resources.

  • Strategic analysis
  • Internal and external diagnosis of the company
  • Study of the existing markets
  • Definition of the strategic axes of development
  • Conquest and acquisition of new markets
  • Evaluation and business intelligence
  • Consideration of the constraints
  • Price research
  • Action plan commercial
  • Structuration of the objectives 
  • Actions scheduling by customers’ segment 
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Promotional activities 
  • Trade fairs organization

”Success comes when opportunity meets preparation” –  A. Einstein

Organization and management of the sales team

The analysis of the skills of your commercial team is essential, to improve the performance and the efficiency of the sales forces and at the end to develop the business.

ARTUS STRATÉGIE advises to you in these evaluations and reflections.

Sometimes a better positioning or a reorganization of one or several elements allows to increase the performance of the team.

  • Analysis of the commercial organization
  • Optimization and profitability of the sales forces
  • Identification of the potential of each
  • Motivation and federation of the teams
  • Definition of the objectives
  • Commercial reorganization
  • Training

“I have a large preference for smiling people. What about you?”

International development

You wish to spread or to accelerate your activity on new international markets?

ARTUS STRATEGIE advises you and will be with you to organize and drive your missions on export.

  • Research for the opportunities: potential targets, growth markets, complementary activities, …
  • Analysis and understanding of the market and the practices specific to each country
  • Study for potential development
  • Search and implementation of development’s actions
  • Commercial missions organization
  • Research new partners or consolidation of the existing links
  • Identification of possible foreign suppliers
  • Distribution networks implementation
  • Setting-up abroad

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Missions & Expertise

Our missions :

  • Development in France and on the International 
  • Follow-up and piloting of the actions of business development
  • Implementation of the strategy after study of the market
  • Development of the company fame
  • Optimization and motivation of the sales forces
  • Conquest of new customers
  • Valuation of the company brand or products trademarks

Our expertise :

  • Consulting in commercial organization
  • International Development Support
  • Coaching for manager
  • Launch of new products
  • Sales force training
  • Feasibility study on a new project

« You never get a second chance to make a first impression. »

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Your needs are specific, and our current commitments may prevent future collaboration.

Contact us by phone or email, we will study the feasibility of a mission.


« Knowing the limits of others is a strength.
Knowing one’s own limits is superior strength. »

Lao Tseug